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Liebherr 900 (Black Logging Edition v2.0)
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Liebherr 900 (Black Logging Edition v2.0)

I edited a mod originally created by Ombelis
I lifted the cab up higher for loading trucks, extended the boom lift range, added new paint job, bigger tires, removed stabilizers, Changed camera POV, made the grapple more responsive, tons of other things.
Inside the zip is a guide to changing the controls if you don't like the inverted axis

Ombelis, First Day Reviews

  • Boerharm
    2014-12-16 19:20
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    Thanks, sounds good!
  • First day reviews
    2014-12-16 22:27
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    When I remade this mod I wanted a single camera I could always use to center my view, im working on the camera issues but having trouble, due to the position of the camera I have to have it inverted or else it starts the view looking backwards at the floor for whatever reason, I also can't add more cameras because they all fall to the ground and through the earth on start. I would need someone who knows more about that stuff to assist me
  • Guest
    2014-12-17 03:12
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    mod is broken doesn't show up on in-game mod menu
  • Guest
    2014-12-17 03:15
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    nvm forgot to un-pack mod
  • Guest
    2014-12-17 03:32
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    no outside camera this mod is useless
  • Steve
    2014-12-17 09:02
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    SWEET MOD! I like that its only the interior view just like real life, what machine do you know of in real life that lets you operate it in third person?????!? ... yeah exactlyInverted mouse camera is kinda wacky but great job all around!
  • Derp
    2014-12-22 21:57
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    well, steve, not everybody wants absolute realism
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