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Cat SemiTrailer B SGW V2
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Cat SemiTrailer B SGW V2

hello here I bring you the trailer legendary cat FS13, original Getsome2030 and updated by AnpaesFS15, I regret the color. can capacity of 20 m3 or 200.000 liters and carries maize barley chaff potato sugarbeet forage grass silage manure windrow dryGrass windrow wheat barley windrow windrow woodchips.

original Getsome2030
updated by Anpaes

  • Guest
    2015-01-12 14:57
    120 and not 200.Byee
  • Guest
    2015-02-13 20:26
    Why can't I connect two trailers using the CATDOLLY. I see the trailer has the connect point but will not attach to the CATDOLLY. Can you tell me how to connect two trailers?Thanks
  • Guest
    2015-02-13 21:00
    Sorry, But i want to connect two Cat SemiTrailer B SGW V2 with the CATDOLLY but it does not give the option to attach when I bring the dolly to the back of the trailer. The trailer looks like it has the attach point, but nothing I try works. Any Help???????
  • Guest
    2015-02-16 11:49
  • Galax hd
    2015-06-29 22:15
    je deteste les mods avec adf
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