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Bjornholm Mining & Construction Economy map V2
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Bjornholm Mining & Construction Economy map V2

If you are Farming Simulator purist then this map is not for you, Because this map has many tasks to do instead of cultivating, harvesting, feeding animals, etc.


This map it is a modification of Bjorn Holm.

 What is new in this map:

 This map has a mine where you can extract stone, limestone, sand, soil and coal.

You use the stone crusher for the production of gravel and you use a limestone crusher for the production of cement.

With the soil you can extract gold at gold master, and sell the gold in the ATM machine nearby the tractor shop.

With the gravel, sand, cement and water you can produce concrete at the concrete factory, and sell the concrete in the construction area, so you can sell sand, gravel, cement, concrete slabs and board woods.

You can use gravel, sand and water to produce tout-Venant and sell on road construction area. So can use gravel, sand, tar and coal to produce asphalt to Sell on Road Construction area to.


The concrete slabs has automatic production and you don't need to make nothing for production of concrete slabs.


Attention:  You need this mod pack in your mod folder: https://mega.co.nz/#!S4hxiDqZ!iMKD5TOjrN3_epDiT70dQlBpzsjoPo1AsXO2PWvEiXc


Please read this tutorial with calm and attention to avoid unnecessary questions. This map is easy to play if you understand how works with all production facilities. You can therefore watch the videos tutorials.


You can find the tutorial in pdf here: 


Special thanks to blobbyfarmer who help me finish the map and MrSpecys7 for all videos he make about the map and mods.


Please one more time testing the map only with the mods from modpack many people complains is Because mod conflicts.   

No one, me neither can Ensure the compatibility between all mods and maps.   

Please do not send more messages if do not test the map Only the mods from modpack. I receive many messages with problems Because mod conflicts. First test the map only the mods from modpack and after you see everything is right put other mods

GIANTS Software
watermod, kalkmod, fermentingsilo.lua: Marhu
stockages: chtiseb
Building Materials: Viper123
Water Station: LsPrO
Concrete Factory: VAHA
Lime / Lime Factory (Sugar Factory Nordzucker): El_Cid
GOLDMASTER: dajnet mods
CompostMaster: Andy1978
Potato washer placeable V1.1 - Farmer_Andy script: Marhu
JCB Vibromax: Alex / fin050808
CATERPILLAR 24H - TP simulation
small road - team FRA modding
Rafi by Kastor
Mist interim storage - Bw modding
Set construction sites - Shakari
Traffic Barrier - Funky / Description
Warning Cart - spider100
warning and Construction signs - NBM - Modding (mbmb / lolmann101) / bandit36
large shed - Lindbejb - model / Kramarj -STEEL diffuse textures
and me: Nonnus

  • Boss_80
    2015-08-06 21:10
    bsr c toujour la meme chose ta map, pour faire ça pensse que l'ont sur farming et pas sur CONSTRUCTOR SIMULATOR comme je dit map ki serre a rien!!!!Au pire tu a mon nom tu pourra me répondre MERCI
  • Nonnus
    2015-08-06 22:03
    Please write in english. I can't understand what you mean, google translate do not show me right translation
  • Erik
    2015-08-07 01:25
    How do i take the parking brake off? =)
  • Vb89500
    2015-08-07 02:17
    bsr c toujour the same thing your map to do that pensse that have on farming and not on CONSTRUCTOR SIMULATOR as I say map greenhouse ki is nothing !!!! At worst you have my name you will answer me THANKS
  • Nonnus
    2015-08-07 02:30
    Erik, handbrake: left ctrl + T start engine: Y to activate all tractions left shit + 4 ; left shit + 5 ; left shit + 6
  • Ritch
    2015-08-07 08:25
    where do get tar? please help me. also my concrete slaps does not come off my trailer at the construction site.
  • Bordelais33
    2015-08-07 10:26
    Salut, je ne parvient pas a extraire la map !Comme pour le 1er fichet mini-constrution ....je suis vos mods.. mai toujour un probleme d'extrair...*Cdt
  • Nonnus
    2015-08-07 15:04
  • Grey
    2015-08-10 01:19
    Loving the new features thanks!The Drive Control script is a little wonky with a 360 controller, I know that's not your problem just a heads up though.
  • Chris
    2015-08-10 15:43
    Cant get the soil section to work or the sell point for humus at the garden center
  • Erik
    2015-08-10 18:20
    How do i remove the Drive Control script?? I did not like the new way to change gears and so on..
  • Nonnus
    2015-08-11 13:19
    You can deactivate the change gears. press and hold the spacebar until arrow disappears.
  • Bordelais33
    2015-08-13 00:25
    Re-bonjour, j'ai réussi cet fois si a Extraire la maps, mai n'apparais pas dans mon menue démarrage ! Google traductions Hello again , I managed this time if a Pull the mapMay company does not appear in my tiny boot !Google translations
  • Ncstate
    2015-08-13 19:01
    Please UPDATE IT its broke when you walk it keeps you walking and you never stop and that's with switching cars anything like that :/ I want to try the map but I cant
  • Ncstate
    2015-08-14 21:35
    I got it to work! :D
  • Greg
    2015-08-16 21:10
    how i start the engine?i press the (Y) and nothing
  • Tindric
    2015-08-17 12:42
    to start engine press(enter)why when i take the man tgs i can unbrake the parking brake and cannot start yhee engine?
  • Tindric
    2015-08-17 15:51
    your map doesn't work when you want to use other vehicules .when you want to buy another vehicules you can' unbrake the parking brake and can't start engine. I tested it with the modpack
  • Greg
    2015-08-17 17:50
    OK i found how to start the engine,but why all the vehicles are bit in the air?
  • Nonnus
    2015-08-18 07:44
    For who have problems with drive control please look to this image and try understand how it works.http://images.modhoster.de/system/files/0070/8062/huge/drivecontrol.jpg
  • Tindric
    2015-08-18 10:32
    this map doesn't work with"machinery rental mod".rent vehicule is more important because the price of this is more expansive.can you do something ?can you delete the triggers, it's not very realistic. your map must be very interesting with this two modiications
  • Nonnus
    2015-08-18 21:46
    What triggers do you want I delete?I use a rental mod and it works. http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/rental-mod-v1-1/
  • Tindric
    2015-08-20 21:46
    all triggers must be delete. you have to use only excavators or whellloaders to load dumpers. it's more realistic.i go to test the rental mod you give
  • Tindric
    2015-08-20 23:06
    the triggers on the heap sorry.your rental mod is fantastic
  • Nonnus
    2015-08-21 13:11
    I don´t understand what you mean! All triggers work like in real life. You can use a excavator or a wheel loader to load the dumpers and trailers, or use a bulldozer to make heaps. Some people put the dumpers/trucks, trailers inside the triggers and fill auto (is this you mean?). I can´t do nothing about. If you like play real don´t put the dumpers or trailers inside the triggers, is so simple.
  • Tindric
    2015-08-21 19:58
    ok thanks
  • Scott
    2015-08-26 23:37
    Gravel Washer shows no diesel and I cannot fill it. Anyone know how to fill the gravel washer with fuel?
  • Nonnus
    2015-08-27 10:19
    you find the answer if you watch the video tutorials.
  • Simon
    2015-09-24 19:33
    I have downloaded your map it's really cool and I am looking forward to playing it. But there's just one thing I have no sand or soil in it. What am I doing wrongComment...
  • Daniel
    2015-09-25 21:30
    Sand is by the tailings washer , Soil is inside the mine past the limestone
  • Phil
    2015-10-31 02:35
    hello guy you can not take the asphalt factory with a truck or trailer helped me ...
  • Phil
    2015-10-31 02:38
    hi guy you can not take the asphalt factory with a truck or trailer helped me ...
  • Olsendk
    2015-11-24 16:30
    How does it work help me
  • Rich
    2015-12-14 03:59
    wont let me dig.what am i doing wrong?
  • Rich
    2015-12-14 06:38
    I tried downloading mods to dig with but they wont dig anything.is there another download that helps with digging sand,soil,stone and what not?I'm not getting anywhere here.
  • Clayton
    2015-12-18 03:12
    i have downloaded this map multiple times how do I get it to show up in the game ive put it in the mods file how can I get it to up load
  • Adamrg
    2015-12-30 01:31
    do I have the mudpack for this map
  • Adamrg
    2015-12-30 01:33
    I mean do I have the modpack for this map
  • Zach99jone
    2015-12-31 05:34
    whats the password for the vec pack mod for the map
  • Wolfydesigns
    2016-01-30 00:07
    how do we get the cement slabs onto a trailer
  • James
    2016-04-02 16:27
    where do you store the tailings @
  • Neosurge
    2016-10-17 23:03
    u need to use the original mods that come with the map, there are two tanks, one tank is for water and the black tank is for TAR. TAR is only made over a slow period of time. The cement slabs are placed onto a red trailer, the ones that you load cars or frontloaders onto. If you dont use that red trailer FEIGAL it wont worth with any other flatbed trailer..Read the PDF about tailings.
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