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Switzerland by Vaszics v4.0
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Switzerland by Vaszics v4.0

Switzerland 4.0 by Vaszics


Changes in version 3.0

- Establishment of a Rabbit Farm headquarters of the NE. The rabbit farm is recessed into the ground due to the inclement weather and is equipped with forced ventilation. Feeding: rabbit pellets, fattening forage, forage, water and straw. In order to avoid artificial lighting, skylights have been placed.

- Storage of the central office, which is also recessed in the ground, receives light through the skylight.

- The inscription storage Biofutter factory and are equipped with a digital display. The colony became one of the central storage positioned to supply the rabbit farm easier.

- The feed mill capacity has been enhanced and the release rate of 25,000 liters / sec. became.

- Fruit trees and vines of the rows are positioned closer to, for ease of harvesting.

- The headquarters of the garages resize, move, move the seed station.

- A full replacement of train park, repainted.

- Placement of wells for drinking in several places.

Changes in version 2.0

- Buildings, corporate headquarters, for the purpose of a garage conversion

- Supermarkets makeover (Berne, Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Lugano)

- The area under vines and cherry makeover


Changes in version 1.1

- Integration of Egg Factory Basel (WS19-Egg) north-east of the map. The sale takes place automatically.

- Enhancements to the stables

1. Improving stall feeding chickens

2. cowshed (main site) to improve the transport of manure

3. Each improve animal stables bunch of car

- Bread factory in repairs

- Loading of vehicles on the map

- Before Onions silo improve the digital display

- Settlement LandChanges in version 1.0

- Bale bale storage and destruction to the creation of a central farm manure amassing a battery level. At the same place you can still sell (disposed of) grass, dry grass, straw and wood chips as well.

- Increasing the ripening time of the grass.

- Removing the storage of seeds in greenhouses.

- A bread factory in the beckerei.lua improve.

- Minor landscaping works.

- The package can be found in a large capacity trailer for sale in assisting a larger amount. The transport section is shown.

as described in version 1.0 again

The map 4x try to simulate Swiss territory's economy.

The initial game is equipped with basic equipment. ZIP files for this package must be copied to the MOD


If you later wish to play is not the basic machines, there is another solution. To do this, however, should be used for the map, it proposed a separate package (Switzerland _by_Vaszics_Modpack 1.0) ZIP files. This package includes, for I have proposed and tested machines, tools, and utilities.

The 8-9-11-14 arable land cost 1 Euro, and the rest have to buy at higher prices.

14 The field is all grass.

General legend of the objects on the map (9 button):

WTS01 -05

Receiving stations. Their task is to avoid the harvested crop is delivered to the central plant, but there will also be added to discarded.

WS01 -18

You store symbols, in which the feed-in tariffs would not normally present in the information panel.

AS01 -13

You store symbols, in which the purchase prices are normally shown on the information panel.
WF00 -12
Symbols such production plants in which there are no feed-in tariffs, but to the information in the information box, the names of the awarded products as raw materials to be delivered.
More help:
If someone uses the teleportation.zip utility is the arrival point two free top and bottom of the map.
In management, the size of the resulting terményekért prices depend on the transmission distance and difficulty of the approach.
Animals: cattle, sheep, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, fattened cows, sheep fattening, fattened chicken
Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, sunflowers, spelled, rye, oats, tritikélé, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, pears, cherries, apricots, grapes.


Bio Power factory: fattening feed, rapeseed cake, rabbit feed, feed geese, chicken feed
Bread Factory: bread, cake
Cannery: canned vegetables, stew, sweet corn
Fruit juice plant: Apricot juice
Yogurt plant apple yogurt, yogurt with pear
Dairy: long-life milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese
Distilleries: vodka, cognac, cherry liqueur
Brewery: lager, dark beer
Concrete plant: concrete
Cotton Processing: cotton bales
Grain mills wheat flour, barley flour, maize flour
Chunky egg: the designated locations
Other plants: sugar, salt, hops, gravel, sand, cement, silage, mixed feed

supermarkets in each city (except Neuchatel and Davos, where there is no crop acquisitions), farm shop, slaughterhouse bio power wholesale market, BGA, horse stables
The game suggest a parallel loaded Switzerland _by_Vaszics_Modpack 1.0 package, which repaired and new vehicles are, and are suitable for the optimal gaming tasks to perform.


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