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Fleming SGMF Forks V1.0
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Fleming SGMF Forks V1.0

The Fleming Muck Forks are made to highest standard possible with a number of uses in mind.
Fleming are currently offering two models in their Muck Fork range. These are the:

- SGMF5 (5ft / 1.5m)
- SGMF6 (6ft / 1.8m)

The Fleming General Purpose Grab is a versatile Muck Fork which is ideal for muck and silage. They are suitable for tractor mounted front end loaders.
The Fleming Muck Fork has a Heavy Duty structural box section frame with bushed main beam.

Price: 4995
Upkeep: 5
Capacity: 4000
Fruits: manure Silage chaff

Price: 6995
Upkeep: 5
Capacity: 6000
Fruits: manure Silage chaff

It is highly advisable to use a large rear weight when using these forks

Model: FSModding
Texture: FSModding
Script: FSModding
Idea / Concept: FSModding
Testing: FSModding
Other: FSModding

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