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Low Loader Galtrailer U.S.A. SC 1.0 Clean
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Low Loader Galtrailer U.S.A. SC 1.0 Clean

Color Selection.
Length: Total 15m, 11,2m recessed platform.
With telescopic stretchers up to 3600 mm.
Ramps with hydraulic side shift up to 3000 mm, with telescopic stretchers to 3600mm.
First and third directional axis, rear foot support, access ramps to Gooseneck with side shift, rear hitch, securing cargo, timber for putting up reamers, gate in gooseneck being the removable rear tail lights rotating adjustable width.

Model 3D,textured and ingame: ZzS (Big Boss Modding)

  • Eric
    2015-03-19 20:13 Send message
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    DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! I started the download and my antivirus went insane it will try to load a bunch of adware and a Trojan horse onto your computer
  • Jeremy
    2015-03-20 15:30 Send message
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    No It Wont If You Don't Try Installing Anything From Pages That Pop Up In Process Of Getting Download Link I Downloaded This Mod And Everything Works Fine Great Trailer With Width Extenders And Manual Load Securement , Ramps Narrow And Widen alone with extenders on ramps don't listen to above post I guess Eric is A newbie That Don't Know How To Download mods
  • Jeremy
    2015-03-20 15:34 Send message
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    Dont Use Adf. ly link not sure about crap on that link I used Ul.to link Iv Used This Site Before You Have 30 Second Wait Time But Its Good
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