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Pomorski Farmer v8.0
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Pomorski Farmer v8.0

With conviction and enthusiasm passes you in the hands of another, my latest map :)
Map the most in the Polish Climate.
At the beginning I want to replace the people who have helped me over the work in the map:
Dom_0309, ProUrsus, Dżimson, Gray, Wiadro90, Marshmallow, Cuba Sm, karolowi124, pasik1236, LOLLL116 forgot about the rest of what I'm very sorry and thank you really heartfelt thanks!

Map features:
Moving the pigs (piggery)
Manure mod v2
Mod water
Curious climate and terrain, and many other things that you will know when you download maps.

Prohibition of categorical change the link! If someone sees my map with other links even other links next to my immediately inform me about it! You can edit on your own needs if you want to spend, you know where to find me write on the church :) Wynosisz on forums? Copy the entire contents Post with FILM, otherwise do not be tempted to wynoszenia how you can not stick to the rules !!!


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