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Pool v1.0
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Pool v1.0

Place - dig holes - build pool - fill with water - sun

Required Mod:
UniversalProcessKit from 0.9.8

1) Hole shoveling:
Driving with a shovel on the mound and shovel the hole. 12000 l manure located therein. These can be loaded into a spreader, or simply dump next to the hill, but then it is just gone.
To make it usable again for the standard maps I used manure... You can change it in sand, gravel, etc. yourself.
The hole must be completely empty, so you can deliver woodpallets or woodChips.

2) construction of the pool with woodpallets (woodChips)
The trigger is located at the billboard and only works when the manure is on level 0.
Requires 8000 l = 2 pallets
Assembly time: 4 hours

3) filling with water (only if the pool fully build)
Drive the water tank directly to the pool (see pictures)
perfectly suited the Zunhammer water and milk tank
Requires 12000 l
Since the mod can be built relatively quickly, the billboard (0:00) disappears after one day

Look at the pictures. The complete structure is documented.
Don´t place the pool in the lawn because the grass comes through (then looks like algae) - but I did not want even higher up the hill, because it looks not good. Ideal is a straight patch with no grass. This should be found, because the mod is not too big.
If the mod is too big or small just open it in the Giants Editor and scale the Transform group "Skalierung" in your desired size. The Showeltrigger must not be scaled, because otherwise he no longer works.

First, the whole thing was just a test, for my main house (which I will begin shortly). But it's actually quite pretty  and so I share it with you.
was testet: construction of hill for a cellar, digging a foundation, water plan

Modell: slowtide63
Textur: slowtide63
Script: slowtide63
Idee / Konzept: slowtide63
Tester: slowtide63

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