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GreenAcres Farms v3 EDIT
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GreenAcres Farms v3 EDIT

I did a small Edit to the map. You still have pigs and beefs but I removed the manure heaps from there buildings.
You still have manure it's inside the buildings (As it was before). I added a place at the dairy where you can use the placeable milktruck trigger.
There is a milk tank on the west side of the dairy, And I added a wool Pallet Collector at the second farm.
There still is NO fields to buy. All fields must be made with a plow.
And the only grass is at the north lot of the BGA, If you need more grass you will have to make a field and then plant grass...
Thank You And have Fun!!!


  • Pablo1961
    2015-02-04 12:29
    farmboy002 hi I,m been playing your GreenAcres Farms for about a week and a bit but I wonder if you could put the manure, slurry and lime mod in as this map is bloody great as you can have one field or ten fields love it thanks
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