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Green Acres Farms v2
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Green Acres Farms v2

In this version the sell trigger for woolpallets has been fixed. And I moved the potato and sugarbeets to the second farm. Every thing else is the same.

Author: Farmboy002


  • Guest
    2015-01-15 06:41
    No mini map.. no fields.. ya.. no thanks. Wasted on a re hash of a default map which is no where near quality work. Or if you like the unfinished type of crap this is.. enjoy it !
  • Farmboy002
    2015-01-15 18:02
    The map is based off a map from fs 2011 farm in the fallows. There are no fields until you spend some time in a tractor pulling a plow.That's why I named it Green Acres Farms. I wanted the player to decide the size and shape of there fields...And the map still has stuff that needs done to it. which would be the stuff I did not know how to do...But the map is playable...And anyone is more then welcome to make any improvments to the map.
  • Guest
    2015-01-22 14:08
    Usually, comments are useful. But I can't understand some people writing so aggressively as if they had been stolen by the modded. Anyone can say what he doesn't like but be respectful, please. Sorry GUEST, that's not the way.
  • Farmboy002
    2015-01-25 04:25
    I found something else I did'nt get right..The number 2 silo at the BGA. The grass plane is not centerd in the silo. (MY BAD) You can fix it with G.E. And I am sorry for over looking it.
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