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Dodge v1
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Dodge v1

Dodge truck with everything I need

R&k and jlb forever

  • Rory j kain
    2016-05-30 01:07
    So whos JLB? and By the way, thanks for using my picture, the truck isnt colorchangable... its just black.
  • Kevin
    2016-06-01 01:08
    LOL whats sad rory is the person who released this will probably say i did it lol!!!!
  • Susan
    2016-06-03 05:31
    Mt pantys just got wet over this truck. Wow
  • Josh
    2016-06-12 05:28
    this was stolen of a site because duramax nation made this
  • Ash1223
    2016-08-15 00:30
    LAMO josh duramax didnt make it Rory James Kain gets all credits for HIS truck
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