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New Holland Wheel Textures v1
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New Holland Wheel Textures v1

Since New Holland and Case are made in the same factory, it's no surprise that a lot of us are using Rafa's awesome Case rowcrop wheels on NH tractors.

However, for the purpose of accuracy, the colors of NH wheels are different than those on a Case.

I wanted to offer these replacement textures for NH wheels as a small gift to the community.

Installation is as simple as copying and pasting these files over your original textures.

Make sure to back up your old textures so you don't lose them.


  • No respect
    2015-08-02 15:11
    you people take the cake, you have no respect to put proper credits down EVER. rafa did NOT do this, that piece of shit guy seriousmods did it.
  • Lmbfarmer
    2015-08-02 21:31
    Where's the full, proper set of credits for these?"Thatoneguy" has nothing to do with these, Seriousmods redid these textures for an edit of the ingame New Holland T8.320 I did for a few friends and I. And he decided to release them so others could use them, Rafazr is in the credits list because he made the wheels these textures are for.
  • Lmbfarmer
    2015-08-02 23:12
    As for who cares about credits, those of us who are actually mod/edit and care about the FS community, like Joe Lindberg, why doesn't he release mods? because they end up on sites like this with random people in the credits instead of those who made it.
  • Seriousmods
    2015-08-03 02:50
    What have you released in the last six months, community member?
  • Community member
    2015-08-03 02:53
    i don't release mods, i honestly know very very little about editing/modding. but thats mostly due to no one wanting to help or answer questions i ask on public forums or private messaging. i have one or 2 modders who have been godsends to me actually spending time helping me instead of the look it up yourself answer. but you don't need to be a modder or editor to hate the bullshit some of you modders are doing to the community by not release stuff and shoving pictures of it in our faces.
  • Community member
    2015-08-03 02:56
    maybe it would be better off if you modders stopped releasing to the public. then we wouldn't have to look at all these mods we know we will never have. maybe GIANTS will keep taking the game to the next level and we can stop depending on modders for great equipment to use in game, maybe the in game equipment will be so great we don't need to edit it or mod it. i'd love to see that happen, none of this private bullshit.
  • Lmbfarmer
    2015-08-03 02:59
    You wouldn't happen to be Spotremix now would you?
  • Community member
    2015-08-03 15:06
    to LMBFARMER, spotremix? nope, not me, but i do know the name. i'm just a small time editor who happens to agree with spotremix's ideas and views. i get a little hot about the subject now and then.
  • Community member
    2015-08-03 15:10
    to LMBFARMER, spotremix? nope, not me, but i do know the name. i'm just a small time editor who happens to agree with spotremix's ideas and views. i get a little hot about the subject now and then. as for serious, i really don't care for any of the guys who post pictures all the time of mods that will never be released or shared. not everyone can mod, not everyone can learn this stuff and not everyone has the talent for it. and its just rubbing mods in peoples faces.
  • Rand0msparks
    2015-08-03 21:32
    Here's an idea, Community Member; if you don't want to see these mod pictures that people like SRSMDS and others are posting, don't view them! Facebook has an "Unlike" button. You can avoid their screens on AEM by seeing who posted it before selecting the image. There are several ways to go about this, I suggest you explore these options.
  • Noname
    2015-08-03 23:12
    why support people like joe lindberg in the first place? i've been on his page before and people funnel ideas to him all the time, they suggest he make this or that, give him pictures and specs of the real machine, why? you all know over half of the stuff he makes won't ever make it to the public. where is the interest in following people who make mods for themselves and close friends? i could care less what these anyone is making unless i personally can use it in my game.
  • Guest
    2015-08-04 01:46
    Thanks for the textures serious mods. I downloaded from AEM
  • Guest
    2015-08-04 06:00
    yep then you plaster pics of it all over the web and take pleasure in not releasing it and everyone wanting it. then you tell people that anyone can mod. LMFAO. i'd love to see someone with not an artistic bone in there body try and mod. hell all i've learned in blender is how to remove parts that are already there. i've been trying to learn this stuff since FS13 came out. but guess what i can't draw on paper either, so how the hell can i make a 3d model in a program like blender.
  • Name
    2015-08-06 09:17
    Enough is enough, i understand the work that goes into modding as i'm learning myself and ya it would piss me off if dip shits like you guys on here call it your own. Thats the problem with society as a whole; the ridiculous sense of entitlement that people feel now is sickening. Oh and Seriousmods keep up the good work don't let these whinny little pricks bother you
  • Mjd farms
    2015-08-06 21:12
    this site pisses me off the textures should have never been uploaded to this site. and credits keep things in line if billy makes a john deere 8370r and sam edits the 8370r to the way he likes it and you have both of them then how will you know whats what.
  • Mjd farms
    2015-08-06 21:14
    if you have 10 people working on a map and it gets uploaded by billy and sam made it and billy dose not say in the description that sam made it everyone would think the billy made it so quit whine ass around about the proper credits there a part of the game. what is at the end of a movie? and I think there is a place you click on the main menu of the game that SAYS CREDITS so SHUT UP
  • Mjd farms
    2015-08-06 21:22
    your an ass go take a hike
  • Rpa78
    2015-08-06 23:51
    you people have no respect for anyone's work all joe and serious do is give and give to the community with no thank you from you clowns. you use the system to get your mods and then tear down by bashing on guys that only try to make good mods for everyone. but after what has been going on, and if I were them i wouldn't release anything because its ungrateful pricks like you that ruin everyone's fun! SERIOUSMODS keep up the good work! and dont let these douche bag get to you!!
  • James60470
    2015-08-07 19:09
    Are you people serious? If you want good models embrace THOSE, not the halfassed ones that look like they were done in third grade recess with a piece of gum and a toothpick. The only reason this community gets bad models is because it wants bad models. Supporting bad models only gets you bad models. So support the good models made by the good modelers such as SeriousMods, Lindbejb Modding, LMBFarmer/Trucker, Myself, And a few others.
  • Ib055
    2015-08-08 05:59
    First off, James, you are far from a good modder. I would have a hard time even calling you a modder. Also, LMB. Him, a modder?! LMFAO! That guy is far from a modder, just like you James.
  • Rand0msparks
    2015-08-08 07:55
    I don't claim to be a modder. I claim to be a creator.
  • Colonel
    2015-08-08 08:29
    I make models, and shit like this, and people like you make me want to keep them private, but I do want some of my stuff released, because I can't punish the good guys for idiots like you, and sites like this. The day this site goes down is the day I start really releasing stuff. There's no accountability here, any good mods are miscredited, and it's full of bad mods and mods without credit at all. You are pathetic, IB055, truly pathetic..
  • Dieselboss
    2015-08-08 09:09
    Hold on people. All these comments are worthless. Ever think to just not care? Who cares about fake credits. I like proper credits, yes, but if they aren't right, does it really matter? You know you have the satisfaction of knowing that you were the right one that made/edited this mod, and not the person claiming to.
  • Dieselboss
    2015-08-08 09:10
    All they will have is the guilt of knowing that they committed a felony. Technically, this is a theft of credits. Therefore, its a crime. You cant stop people from doing this. All we can hope for is this site gets taken down, and that you have the satisfaction of knowing its your mod.
  • Dieselboss
    2015-08-08 09:14
    Also, Colonel, that wasn't the true iB055 I know. The guy I know doesn't come on these sites, and would never say anything like that. And I do know that SRS also knows that. We're damn good friends and we share every mod with each other. I know he would never say that.
  • John deere modding
    2015-08-08 09:24
    Now im sorry if any of your feelings are hurt but everyone please go back to you fam sim game an keep playing its just a god damned computer gameNow if youll excuse me ive got some private mods to finish lol stay safe my friends
  • Name
    2015-08-08 22:36
    Funny how the people of this site are so ashamed of themselves they resort to stealing and using other peoples usernames to post hurtful and abusive comments just to make themselves feel important.
  • James60470
    2015-08-09 04:21
    I agree Colonel, I don't believe I'll be making any more models for release. And to the comment above about SRS "making me think" I'm a god modder just made me laugh really hard. As I am not a Modder either, I'm a Modeler like Colonel above me. And to the people that think credits aren't needed, You're very wrong. As it makes sure that people know whether it's a trustworthy model/mod or not.
  • Nameless
    2015-08-09 04:26
    on if the people who download the mods actually pay attention to the credits and who made it. as i said, i don't ever look at credits. i don't give a shit who made it. i'll know if it's trustworthy after i download it, look at it in GE and then in game it. i judge my mods on how well they function and look in game, not by which douche made it.
  • Fspolice
    2015-08-19 04:42
    Ok so I have been going over comments on here and it seems to be a little way out of hand. This website will not be shut down what so ever cause of all the good people on here. You guys that are on facebook and American eagles modding are a real problem in this farming game. Best you all just fade away a let this site be what it is.
  • Fordman992
    2017-01-01 07:52
    If you ask me, all of the other sites like this one should be shut down for stealing and not giving proper credits on every mod that gets released.
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