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Oliver 1955 v2.0
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Oliver 1955 v2.0

The Oliver 1955 was built from 1970 to 1974. It features a 310 cubic inch Waukesha diesel engine, 3pt hitch, removable duals, washable (dirt), animated fan, and a nice cubemap to give the tractors a shine when they're clean. The duals can be toggled using the keys left alt and keypad 7, the keys are also shown in the f1 menu when in-game. The open station tractor features a fender radio while the cabbed tractor features an older style radio built into the cab. Huge thanks to Massey850 for allowing me to release my edit of his tractors. Enjoy everyone =)

Modeling, Texturing, Giants editor work, and ingame- Massey850
warning triangle- Sanderrr
chrome straight pipe- Oltzu
Texture file fixes, washable, and other additions-Kraft Farms Modding
Fender Radio-Tessfarms
Older styler radio-thw helfer

  • More old tractors
    2017-04-22 20:05
    Use V1 all the time this is a great mod
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-25 14:15
    Im Gonna covert this tractor because it is amazing!
  • Ash1223
    2017-04-26 22:48
    nice ford in the background? may i ask if it's private?
  • Will
    2017-04-28 19:27
    Is there any chance you can convert this to fs 2017?
  • Jim


    2017-05-02 02:26
    this needs to be in 2017!!!
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