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Great Western Farms v2.0
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Great Western Farms v2.0

Great Western Farms is my first map. It is a American Style map based on a farm in Central Kansas and features Chopped Straw, Marhu's Water Mod, Multifruit, Dirt and Terrain, Damage Mod, Hardpoint, and more! It also contains most of the fun stuff Farmer Andy made including the MixMaster2, the Seedmaster, the Potato Washer and Steamer, Greanhouses, Composting, the BeetMaster2, and so on.

There is beef fatening on the map, the starting vehicles have been upgraded and the starting money is way higher than most maps. You have chickens, cows, and pigs as well.

Thanks to all the modders out there for the models and scripts they make. This project would not be possible without them.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Stevie at Farm Simulator Mods for all his help and advice on this map as well. The map started with his starter map and he really helped with some of the more technical stuff.

Models: Giants, Stevie, Farmer Andy, Marhu, GoldFox, and so many more!
Idea / Concept: Chris, L and C Gaming

  • Zzz
    2016-07-22 02:04
  • Jeremy
    2016-07-22 09:12
    Can't get past the loading screen...typical of Stevie's maps, and I use too many mods to try to test each one to find out what's conflicting.
  • Hello
    2016-07-22 09:30
    what y'all two knuckle heads doing whats the deal @ jeremy check your log file and see
  • Richieb
    2016-07-22 15:10
    What u on about ZZZ & Jeremy. Open the folder inside is 2 zips 1 the farm the other contains the mods. As for Stevie's maps there great so stop slagging him off, and if u read the description Stevie only had a helping hand.
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-07-22 18:58
    By the way this map is awesome very nice job
  • Richieb
    2016-07-22 21:39
    I agree Mr.Grimm, I played it for 2 hours, then had to get back on Sherwood Farm.
  • Donnie
    2016-07-23 00:54
    needs mix feeder saw mill forsety fatting beef and chicken
  • Richieb
    2016-07-23 01:00
    Donnie I think u need 2go 2 spec savers, have a good look, although I wouldn't miss the saw mill as it doesn't appeal 2me .
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-07-23 01:53
    Hi.. Good map, good layout. Comment, The location for the "cherries"(kirsche) could do with a "pallet collector" one pallet at a time means we have to be there all the time to get a full load. Also is anyone having a problem getting "milk" to go into one of the dump locations at the "dairy".The one location will not work for me ( no trigger ) no dump. Bob.
  • Chance
    2016-07-23 03:05
    Why does it say DO NOT USE and UNSAFE? I don't want to ruin my computer.
  • Blacky
    2016-07-23 08:54
    i had same problem like that with a different map and you can't get rid of it unless you unstall the whole game and restall it again do not use unsafe it say is because you are using soil mod that don't work for all the map mods that was the same problem i had and i took off that soil mod out of my game mod and it was gone it conflicts with every game mod maps
  • Donnie
    2016-07-23 12:46
    sorry found the saw mill its a great great map can you add the mixfeeder and traffic more mud or make a placeable mud for us it be a real hell of a map sorry again I play the hell out of it told a lot of my friends to
  • Chance
    2016-07-23 17:44
    Thanks Blacky, I will give er a shot and see. I just want to use some MODs, I'm not that savvy with this kind of stuff, but this is a pretty neat game.
  • Waterboy
    2016-07-24 10:13
    where do you fine the lime and what vehicle?
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