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Forest Map v1.0
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Forest Map v1.0

Map features:
- Polish climate
- 2 fully playable farm
- More than 20 fields and some meadows
- Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs
- Feeding and turn down service in the barn with cows and pigs
- Multi terrain
- Silos chaff with the possibility of making silage and grass QQ
- Purchase of crops
- Sales of pigs
- Mod manure, liquid manure, lime v2
- Mod chopped
- Manure pushed out of the barn with cows and pigs
- Gates and doors opening to the key \\\\\\\ "O \\\\\\\" is not a zero
- Instructional icons where what and how
- Multi silo
- Storage of beet and potatoes
- Mod water that can be kept in the two places
- Watering and feeding sheep
- Feeding and watering of wheat water hens
- Sales of eggs
- Sales of wool
- Sales bel
- Watering and feeding pigs
- Machine Shop
- Weight in procurement
- Trigger from selling machines in procurement
- Buying fields
- Lime 2 farms
- Map ideal for small and medium equipment
- Log is clean

I have permission from ZeFir to release!

The prohibition of changing the link!
Prohibition of any edition!
The ban on adding reflink!
The ban to sending on other forums with the revised content or photos!

The package map and fashion needed to map!

Author: ZeFir, pawlo101299

  • Bob


    2016-05-31 01:48
  • Zitoun
    2016-07-04 02:04
    forest map but where is the forest??there isn't 1 harvestable tree
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