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69 GMC v1.0
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69 GMC v1.0

This is an old farm truck.Mind it isnt the highest quality mod but it is bretty nice for a run-about.

Base Mod:Reaper9111, And Giants
Darkened smoke:Me
Model into GE:Me
Store pic:Me
Sketchup model:CJ

  • Named
    2015-06-03 17:32
    Needs a TON of work. Many errors. Has almost no mass so it slides all over. You can see through the doors from the inside. No texture on half of it. Should be called version 0.1 not 1.0
  • Blake
    2015-06-04 04:25
    guess what its not the best you wanna judge how i made it how bout you fix it i bet you dont know how ungreatful jerk.
  • Gord
    2015-06-04 10:12
    Thanks so much. Love the old stuff. Keep it up and don't listen to the idiots that can't see behond the programing.
  • Blake
    2015-06-04 14:45
    I am the author of the mod and your very welcome,im only eleven years old but i try my hardest this mod didnt turn out as good as it couldve.
  • Blake
    2015-06-12 01:27
    Unfortunatly I dont have facebook and am not allowed,is there another was i can get ahold of you?
  • Named
    2015-06-18 14:52
    I posted my comments as a review so people have an idea what the mod is like since you post zero description and 1 screen shot some people will be ok with the errors and missing partsother won'tatleast they'll have an idea what they're in for if they choose to download
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