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The River Po by Vaszics v1.8
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The River Po by Vaszics v1.8

The Po River by 1.8 Vaszics
Dear players!
version 1.8

The changes compared to the 1.7 version.
- New animals, rabbits and geese. The goose shed over the south of the airport is located next to the egg factory. The rabbits were in a tunnel accessible place to find the castle, north of the main plant to the west of animals. Rabbits given the traditional rabbit feed is extremely meats.
 - New factory was established. organic feed factory. It can be found in the distillery plant to the west of the river bank. Five different power can be manufactured by bio power port on the wholesale market to sell directly delivery to sea.
- Most of the barriers have been replaced, side-opening door.
- The airport was fenced round with separate helicopter unit has been placed.
- The fruit storage converted to, sugar beet, potato, etc. containers are the same as for grain crops.
- The fertilizer units have been converted into reception and unloading.
- The sugar factory has been formed.
- The barn doors are mounted off (fattening sheep, chicken, pig, etc., and the outer fence of the animals to move freely within..
- It may be used for teleporting - for more accurate use - have been placed at several points on the map auxiliary points.

The map parameters:
4x map
Animals: cattle, sheep, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, fattened cows, sheep fattening, fattened chickens, rabbits, geese
Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, sunflower, millet, spelled, rye, poppy seeds, oats, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, apples, pears, plums, cherries, olives, oranges, apricots, solo.

Bio Power factory: fattening feed, rapeseed cake, rabbit feed, feed geese, chicken feed
Bread Factory: bread, cake
Cannery: canned vegetables, stew, sweet corn
Fruit juice plant: orange juice, apricot juice, prune juice
Yogurt plant apple yogurt pear yogurt, strawberry yogurt
Dairy: long-life milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese
Distilleries: vodka, cognac, cherry liqueur
Oil mills: olive oil, canned olives
Oil Refinery: Gasoline
Brewery: lager, dark beer
Concrete plant: concrete
Cotton Processing: cotton bales
Grain mills wheat flour, barley flour, maize flour
Tojágyár: pallet egg
Chunky egg: the designated locations
Other plants: sugar, salt, hops, gravel, sand, cement, silage, mixed feed
Sales: mill, grain port, farm shop, LANDHANDEL, fruit market, canned food market, Butchery one slaughterhouse 2, várhotel, beer - airport pub - boathouse, beer - Port pub - mountain station, wholesale market, bio power wholesale market
The game suggest a parallel loaded The_River_Po_by_Vaszics_Modpack 1.8 package, which repaired and new vehicles are, and are capable of carrying out the tasks of the game.


  • Tmwnn
    2016-07-03 17:21
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    Nice job, Vaszics, thanks for taking the time to make this!
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-07-04 06:25
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    I agree Vaszics, great job on the new addition to your Map. Keep up the good work. Bob.
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