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CoursePlay v4.00 Beta
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CoursePlay v4.00 Beta

Courseplay is a tool for the machines have to perform many different tasks for you. Those who default helper AI can not do. For example, Courseplay ideal for unloading plant, driving the chaff from the helicopter to the farm or BGA. Courseplay been developed continuously over the last 3 years. By now, you can even push the bale hay collect, cultivate, fertilize and seed plots, mowing or empty your BGA silo. Now and for FS 15.

Jakob Tischler, Thomas Gärtner, horoman

  • Guest
    2014-11-04 21:45
  • Nick
    2014-11-04 21:51
    it keeps crashing my copy Of Fs15 done it twice
  • Kevin
    2014-11-05 01:01
    How does this work, any instructions anywhere???? It'd be a neat mod if I can figure it out. I cant seem to save courses, or know what each icon means
  • Nick
    2014-11-05 12:33
    if you watch utube videos on the 2013 version of courseplay you will see how it works. works the same way in 2015 thats how i learnt how to use it
  • Kevin
    2014-11-05 13:22
    I'll check that out, this might be a stupid question, but where can I get the course play for FS2013? I still play those maps too. when I do a search in modhub, it only comes up with this version.
  • Nick
    2014-11-05 15:11
    try this site http://ls2013.info/course-play-v-3-41/
  • Guest
    2014-11-05 19:13
    I've been having an issue where I get an overload course set up, but it says I am using the wrong attachment/trailer.
  • Kevin
    2014-11-06 13:42
    I've only messed with two different courses, the grain transport and combi(empty combine and offload) Not sure on the overloader, but I would bet you might need an auger wagon, and another trailer parked somewhere to offload the auger. I might try it later.
  • Kevin
    2014-11-06 13:47
    My biggest problem with course play, is speed. I notice the tractors get wild when taking corners, and sometimes end up crashing into objects and get stuck, have to restart the course again.
  • Kevin
    2014-11-06 13:48
    I like the mod though, just have to figure out the thing, still dont know what exactly some of hte icons do yet.thanks NICK, for the help
  • Kevin
    2014-11-07 18:38
    when moving grain from silo to sell points, is there a way to autofill? in 2013, it was easy since each grain had a seperate silo, now that the silo is all in one, i have to pause, then fill, the start the route
  • Satis
    2014-11-08 16:01
    Just an info for all:This is not an legit version of cp, in fact it's an very early alpha state + it have never been allowed to be uploaded here.Kind regardsSatisCourseplay Developer
  • Kevin
    2014-11-09 14:54
    where can a person get a legit version
  • Satis
    2014-11-09 15:37
    Well either on fs-uk or modhoster when we release it or the developing version from Github.But right now it will not work, since we have disabled it for anyone else than the developers, so we can take the time to fix all the stuff that we know is wrong without having to check for bug reports at the same time.It will be avalible when we push it to our main Github page.Kind regardsSatisCourseplay Developer
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-11-09 22:03
    Figured this wasn't an official release ... it's broken as hell and crashes the game ... unlike the FS2013 version which works flawlessly.90% of the time it doesn't work correctly and you end up having to manually request the vehicle which is no good or vehicle takes off on it's own crashing the game.
  • Sizn
    2014-11-10 07:04
    Mine cant seem to turn correctly on bjorn map in fs15 and it keeps cutting off the combine. Do you need to edit its settings from auto?
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