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ELW 2 by Fire Technologhy and itzc0br4 v1.1
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ELW 2 by Fire Technologhy and itzc0br4 v1.1

I would like to present my MAN tgs ELW2 today and offer you to download.

From the Cab:
Blaulicht (Light Addon is required)
Heck Warner
Compressed air horn
Electric Horn
dimmed headlights
LED turn signal (when the engine is off only the hazard warning system)
Open the rear door (NUM7)

Rear switch functions:
Switch on the switching pad (x)
Ambient lighting (right ctrl + L)
Light behind (y)
Signal mast (right ctrl + u)
Insertion line red strobe light (right strg + NUM 5)

Respiratory protection collection green flashing light (right strg + NUM 5)

To explain why I mention here itzc0br4 (Fire Technologhy).
1. I have this ELW2 built on the HLF20 ??by him and everything is derived from itzc0br4.
2. Except the symbols for the light and the turn signals in the interior of the cab I have taken over.

I ask you to be polite to upload this mod on a different side!
So enough said I wish you much fun with the mod.
Best regards

ImagEaglen112 And Fire Technologhy

Modell: Giants, itzc0br4(Fire Technology
Script: Scripte + verbaute Objekte: itzc0br4(Fire Technology), Niggls(Vertex Dezign), GTX MODS
Idee / Konzept:
Tester: Fire

  • Chris
    2017-07-31 18:51 Send message
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    It's a stolen mod The real modder is: Tschizack Gameing
  • André
    2017-12-13 19:18 Send message
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    NICHT DOWNLOADEN!!!Der Mod ist geklaut!!! holt ih euch überLsfeuerwehr.deDont downlad
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