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Bizon Z056 red Packa v1.1.0
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Bizon Z056 red Packa v1.1.0

What does BIZON have:
- Record low weight!
- Real rooster with FS 13
- Manual firing
- Hand brake
- New real smoke
- 0 errors in the log
- 0 errors in texturach
- High detail
- Opened cab elements
- Windmill animations
- Wiper animations
- Real scale
- Real speed
- Real power
- Real sounds
- Animations of almost everything
- Addition and subtraction of gas on the key
- The tube opens after leaving the cabin
- All flaps opened on the key when approaching
- Removing and attaching covers to the forage harvester on the key when approaching
- Unfolding and folding the forage harvester on the key when approaching
- Inserting a key into the harvester (the throat is better visible)
- Threshing unit on the key
- Twisting and turning the concave on the key
- Turning the header on
- Manual lifting and lowering of the header
- Hoists raised and lowered on the key
- Slide-out and slide-out maneuvers
- Motorized speed adjustable on the key
- Change of canel dividers to the rape table and vice versa on the key on approach
- All pulleys, straw walkers, etc. are movable
- Sound of pouring grain from the tank
- The sound of throwing the gear
- Mirrors
- Flue gas
- Leaves traces
- Dust from under the wheels
- Header animations
- A new animation of the exhaust pipe smoke
- Pipe collision
- A new animation of smoke from the forage harvester
- Heder with improved collision (It does not dig into the soil after unhooking
- Multifruit
- Changing the speed of loading

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