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Macdon mower pack v0.1
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Macdon mower pack v0.1

This is a work in progress mod pack.i have converted the macdon mower pack from fs13 to fs15. I have gotten it to be ingame and i can purchase the mod, However i dont have the knoweldge to get the cutter to cut the grass in fs15. i do not know how to edit the xml to get it working so i am hoping there is a experienced modder who can fix this and upload it to this website with a working fully mod pack. the selfpropelledmower xml is working with minimal issues. the cutter needs to be edited to cut grass if you can do that great. Please remember this is not a fully functional mod but a work in progress for someone who can fix the cutter mod for me.

credits go to the original modder froms fs13 xyzspain
i am just converting it over regularguy

  • Guest
    2015-03-04 18:58
    again remember to unzip both files and rezip for them to show ingame
  • Respect for modders
    2015-03-04 21:49
    maybe the person who you stolle mod from could fix it for ya.
  • Guest
    2015-03-04 22:05
    i didnt steal it and it says in the credits who the original modder is i just converted it for someone who can make it fully functional
  • Respect for modders
    2015-03-04 22:10
    Did you get permission from the original modder to release their work?
  • Guest
    2015-03-05 00:15
    Yes I have tried to contact him but he is no where to be found. He closed his youtube channel and I looked on sites that I am not the only one trying to find him about his mods.
  • Readgiantstermsandconditions
    2015-03-05 01:08
    Respect for modders is one thing, I totally agree with it, HOWEVER one does not actually have to have permissions, as CLEARLY stated in the terms and conditions that come with the game and with giants editor, the middle ground being to atleast give credit to the modder......I really wish these whiny little whistle blowing trolls would actually read the things that come with their games instead of acting like they know everything even though they haven't even researched....
  • Respect for modders
    2015-03-05 01:14
    Yes I have read the terms and yes you do need permission if models used are not released by giants ;), lots of modders are keeping very good mods private because people are releasing their work without credit or permission, discussing this on a forum that has more examples of this behaviour than nearly all the other FS websites put together is pointless.
  • Guest
    2015-03-05 01:45
    Well not all of us steal mods the mod I attempted to contact him and he isnt around modding anymore and plus the credits are his I didnt take credit for this mod.
  • Bt


    2015-03-05 02:13
    Respect for modders why don't you be quiet if you don't have any thing nice to say, putting in nice way. Good job won't show up for me. Gust at top will you tell me how to rezip mods?
  • Kreatus
    2015-06-06 06:09
    Instead of figuring out who is wrong, how about someone fixes the damn mod so everyone can use it.
  • Urmom
    2015-07-27 05:15
    i'm with KREATUS... instead of fighting like little babies, we should just get someone that would be kind enough to edit the swather so we can all use it and be happy. :)
  • Zach
    2015-08-20 10:08
    If you all could give me the information on how to fix it i might be able to make it cut grass
  • Neal
    2015-11-26 22:36
    please convert this to fs15
  • Pinguar
    2016-01-10 20:29
    Hi i read all these comments you look like you need a moder for this to workSo i will try my best to get it to cut grass in the mean time there is a another mod from john deer which looks like this.
  • Pinguar
    2016-01-10 20:33
    hi again this thing is full of uv errors don`t think its worth the hassle
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