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MicroMap v1.0
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MicroMap v1.0

Map features:
- 1 farm
- Interesting terrain
- cows
- Mod chaff
- Mod manure
- And many more
Map of smaller equipment.

  http://ul.to/c0jaib9n<- Version for better computers.
  http://ul.to/um1h0hsw<- Version for weaker computers.
http://ul.to/3hdqauc9 <- Fashion Verbesserung des Spiels (nicht erforderlich)

Geschäftsbedingungen / Regeln:
- Sie nicht, ändern Sie den Link!
- Wenn Sie den Autor eingeben!
- Keine Bearbeitung!
- Bitte wählen Sie einen Download von der Original-Link
- Ich respektiere deine Ehre Ihnen Verbote und ich werde meine Modelle und weitere Mods zu tun
- Je mehr Downloads, ist die Motivation für mich und eine schnellere Veröffentlichung der nächsten Packung desto größer

Zakazuje si? zmiany linku do pobrania, reuploadu oraz dodawania w?asnych linków i wrzucania na prywatne serwery stron lub portali z dodatkami do gry!
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Nakazuje si? skopiowa? ca?? tre?? tego postu oraz poda? autora.
Nakazuje si? poszanowa? zakazy i nakazy

It is prohibited to change the link to download, reupload and add your own links and throwing parties on private servers or portals with additions to the game!
It is prohibited to draw buildings and issuing edition!
Ordered to copy the entire contents of this post and give the author.
He orders to respect the prohibitions and injunctions


  • Warondar
    2015-06-07 09:53
    Not to be too critical of the map, since it's exactly what it's supposed to be.... a small, micro map with a few small fields and a few small buildings that compromises the farm yard. What I don't understand is why have different versions of the map for 'faster' and 'slower' computers? There isn't much there to begin with that would tax any machine spec that's around. IF someone is able to notice and difference between either versions please let us know, I'd be very curious.
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