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CAT 773G v1.0
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CAT 773G v1.0

This is the CAT 773G they need in quarries and so on.


  • Ftmodding
    2016-04-15 17:40
    Fucking reuploader! MODHUB PLEASE DELETE THIS AND CHECKING UPLOAD!!! Respect for modder!!!!
  • Ftmodding sucks cock
    2016-04-15 21:34
    ftmodding, go back to blowing meat whistle and kindly go fuck yourself.
  • Eng51ine
    2016-04-16 04:51
    Seriously WTF dude.... Granted I had to heavily modify the original one to work on my map, but uploading someone else's mod that was just uploaded a few days ago is wrong on so many levels
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