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DAF XF 105 v1.0
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DAF XF 105 v1.0

Moin community!

I do not want one that thaws my DAf on the plate I'd be with you
share. have converted him from ls 13 and taken completely apart and with new
things installed. construction time ca 1 month was fine with plenty of coffee and to everything as it now looks.
have played with many Coronas ie have lit it off completely
everything went now lights from side lights to main beam .......
What can the DAF::!

he got tagfahrlicht if you get in on it per se
1 * F standlight
2 * F dipped beam
3 * F fernlicht
drive when the flashing lights rückwärst
saddle plates cover can be connected with x
But look at the pictures.
I think it's all said and can be seen, according to pictures also: idea:
wish you many hours of play with my DAF XF 105

mfg frankmanhh

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Scania Power
frankman ls15

  • Raylar
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    great,,could you please convert a trailer from 2013 where you can open the side,that would be nice
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