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JD 8370R v1.0
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JD 8370R v1.0

John Deere 8370R US
More informations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqsp7tk3P2Y
You can not play without the mod Drive Control
Credits: Nicolas Oliveira

Model: Ago, Nicolas Oliveira
Texture: Ago, Nicolas Oliveira
Script: Ago, Nicolas Oliveira
Idea / Concept: Nicolas Oliveira
Testing: Nicolas Oliveira

  • Theo
    2016-08-27 17:15
    Please fix this mod causes game to crash and freeze up!!Thanks for what's looks to be an amazing mod
  • Theo
    2016-08-27 18:19
    was able to get mod to work by deleting other 8370 mods,can you please tell me how to add the front weights that are shown in the video? would really appreciate it. mod is amazing thanks for sharing
  • Change your credits retard
    2016-08-27 18:50
    Change the god danm credits you retard....
  • Terry
    2016-08-27 20:52
    it want wor it still freezes ur game up
  • wow this mod is Junk!
  • Guest
    2016-08-27 21:38
    another bunch of whining community members with sand in there vaginas.
  • Dandy modding
    2016-08-28 17:46
    Where did you find this mod and who is the REAL creator
  • Hyco0424
    2016-08-29 22:53
    Plz fix mod, Cause my game to freeze up..
  • The rock
    2016-09-01 04:12
    TRACTOR works great good job to the original creator
  • Kozic77
    2016-09-02 00:42
    This mod is Ago Modinng. this mod is just shit copy,converted without permision by Ago!
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