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John Deere 9770 STS package v1.0
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John Deere 9770 STS package v1.0

Hello LS-Com
Here is a 9770 STS John Deere incl. Cutting 640FD

John Deere 9770 STS
Power: 368 hp maintenance € 95 / day
Sale Price: € 229,000
Grain tank capacity: 300 bushels / 10,950 L
Top speed: 40 km / h working speed with 640 FD: 15 km / h
High gloss paint: NO washable: YES

640 FD Harvesting:
Working width: 11.6 m, Price: € 19,600 maintenance: € 5
High gloss paint: NO washable: YES

The mod has to be unpacked before!

Because it but a lot of changes were only please meaningful comments (can not test it in multiplayer because I do not play)
All whiners and duration commenters here you hold something back because I have no desire to read pointless comments!
more mods you can find on my website

And as always:
This mod is built according to my ideas, it is not forced to download.

The mod may be published on other sites only under the ORIGINAL LINK
The mod 'may be published on other sites as long as only the ORIGINAL LINK will be Destroyed!

Credits: Tiago Piloneto

Tiago Piloneto

  • Kevin
    2014-11-19 16:33
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    Is there a corn head for this. If not do you have plans to make one. If so can you email me plz.
  • Richard
    2014-12-23 00:38
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    Do not download this mod. I could not buy the harvester and I had to buy another harvester and just play tricks to even get the header. and because of the mod, the shop was wrecked up. the thing was going over the other stuff. this mod is really bad. just at your own risk. download it but it will waste your time. maybe you can figure a way to buy the thing but it will mostly take you a half an hour at the least and by the way the harvester dose NOT even look that good.
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