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The River Po by Vaszics v1.3
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The River Po by Vaszics v1.3

English, German and Hungarian!
The Po River_by Vaszics 1.3 The raw materials necessary for the to cannery (fruit) has been building a pipeline transport system. The fruit in the garden of filler neck is sufficient, with the exception of strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions that supplied the vehicle cannery.
Land air "your spraying application" is a double-winged aircraft.You can find the agricultural airport passenger airport.

The map suggest the previously loaded onto Modpack package, which contains the necessary machinery and equipment.

Po Fluss_Vaszics 1.3
Liebe Spieler!
Version 1.3
Auf der Karte wurden die folgenden Änderungen vorgenommen.
-         Die Preise für die Akzeptanz des Schlachthofs am Hafen der Lieferung wegen der Entfernung verbesserte sich um.
-         Die Tierfarm rund  Beute nachfolgend als Adler zu zirkulieren.Kleinere Landschaftsbau.
Die Karte vorschlagen, die zuvor geladene auf Modpack-Paket enthält die notwendigen Maschinen und Anlagen.

A Pó folyó_Vaszics 1.3
Kedves játékos!
1.3 verzió
A térképen az alábbi változtatások történtek.
{C}{C}-           {C}A konzervgyárhoz szükséges alapanyagok (gyümölcsök) szállítására ki lett építve egy csővezeték rendszer. A gyümölcsöket elegendő a kertben lévő beöntőbe önteni, kivéve az eper, paprika, paradicsom, uborka, hagyma amit gépjárművel a konzervgyárba beszállítani.
{C}{C}-           {C}A kikötőben lévő vágóhíd átvételi árait a szállítási távolság miatt megnöveltem.
{C}{C}-           {C}A szántóföldek levegőből történő „permetezését” egy dupla szárnyú repülőgép végzi.
{C}{C}-           {C}A mezőgazdasági repülőteret megtalálhatod a személyszállító repülőtér mellett.
{C}{C}-           {C}Az állatfarm körül a továbbiakban sasok keringenek prédára lesve.
{C}{C}-           {C}Kisebb tereprendezés.
 A térképhez javaslom a korábban felrakott Modpack csomagot, amely tartalmazza a szükséges gépeket és berendezéseket.

  • Ffs


    2016-05-19 23:17
    Awful. All that needs to be said about this map.
  • Vaszics
    2016-05-20 08:04
    Dear FFS!Thank you for your criticism, because the criticism is basically constructive. In that case, if it is not one of the words. Please describe below to give us your opinion, if you can. I would like to ask that a map drawn by you shall be supported by your opinion, which is better in every respect my view of my background. So realistic and authoritative criticism.I look forward to your reply.RegardsVaszics
  • Vaszics
    2016-05-20 12:57
    Dear KuhZucht!Before you criticize, try to play with him. You're doing better maps?
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-05-20 22:00
    Hi Vaszics...Good to see a new version of your Fantasy Map, well done, Great Job. There is lots to do to keep us busy n the farm. I have one question for now, in the Orchard there are trees for Pears, apples, olives, plums, oranges, and cherries. The farm requires "Vinograd" (grapes) did you pre-plant any of these trees for us. Also a concern, I can not get any Vehicle to stop and unload at the 3 unload pads at the "Cannery"using Course play, Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-05-20 22:25
    Vaszics....I did a check for those other fruits ( Grapes Apricots ) Loaded a new Save Game, And they are in the "Vehicle.Xml File" So,, Where do I locate them, as there only looks to be 6 Fruit Tree Lots.in this Orchard. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-05-20 22:44
    Hi Vaszics... I opened my game again, And followed the Pipe Line, and found the two missed fruits, in the cut out area next to Field #3. Thanks Bob.
  • Vaszics
    2016-05-21 07:33
    ear BOB (WIRES)!For the three canneries are emptying line (in addition to the information boards are the necessary ingredients). The emptying of milk is on the east side of the main hall. Care must be taken that water, salt and sugar when you add in all three test tapping evenly distributed are the raw materials. The grapes and apricots private placement occurred specifically because of aesthetic reasons.
  • Vaszics
    2016-05-21 07:34
    Dear BOB (WIRES)!Test vehicles during the Games which I suggested was not a problem either with drain delivery of raw materials.Thank you for your comments and I hope that you're going to play a long time and with the map.RegardsVaszics
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