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Krone Emsland v1.0
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Krone Emsland v1.0

Here a converted Krone Emsland from the LS13. The Urmodder is Katsuo ( www.modhoster.de/katsuo ). The pendant has three different structures, which can be changed over Y. If you have ideas, what I should convert, but write me a message and I try my best!


  • Andymertz
    2015-04-25 23:32 Send message
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    Could you make it hold Compost Soil, I can't find to many trailers that have that Mod..
  • Srgtsmokealot
    2015-04-25 23:38 Send message
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    this Mod is stolen from Katsuo, Katsuo has not given permissions to convert it!
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