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Krampe BBS900 BIG V1
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Krampe BBS900 BIG V1

Hello I offer a version of trailer krampeBBS900 brand, where you can carry in addition to wheat maize rape potato chaff and maps with sand, cement and gravel and can move, has a capacity 80.000 liters.

In this mods much of the files are in your game and for that reason does not weigh much.


  • Bordelais33
    2015-02-23 19:47 Send message
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    Es que ils es possible d'avoir les pelle mécanique en mods libre ? et autre pelle si vous avez et truck..
  • Guest
    2015-02-23 20:18 Send message
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    not if I understand correctly, the blade are part of some maps as FRISIAN MARCH V1.8 FIX and other
  • Guest
    2015-03-05 23:54 Send message
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    is the excavators a mod if so can you give me a link were and what map its on pls thank you
  • Shane
    2015-03-10 23:54 Send message
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    I am also wanting to know what map u can dig on and haul stone and dirt and stuff. PLEASE let me know...thank u for ur time.
  • Lowieke
    2015-03-26 15:08 Send message
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