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Peterbilt 384 Dump Bed  V1 Revision 1
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Peterbilt 384 Dump Bed V1 Revision 1

Whats Been Done With My Mod Editing
Removed Headlights Cones
Removed All Ad Strips
Retimed TheTailgate So it Works Realistic Instead Of Tailgate Swinging Out 45 Degress After Dump Raised it now stays straight down
Raised The Dump Up Angle To More Realistic Height Or Real Dump truck dump bed Raised
Rescaled Fenders to match width of bed and axle width

Looked Into The Colission Trigger Issue Turns Out Its Somekind Of Glitch In The Truck Build Even With Trigger Completely Removed From truck It Still Wont Get Closer Than A Few Feet from othe objects Around Front End  other Words Iv Not Been Able To Resolve This Issue yet

Anpaes , Thunderhawk09

  • Guest
    2015-04-30 14:03 Send message
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    About the collision trigger.. the original release of this truck (kenworth version) had zero collision trigger until you hit the body of the truck so it was added somewhere along the line. the 2nd release had the monstroity of a collision trigger. If you look at the files in GE (not in main dir of zip) there eis a model of the cab with some weird thing wrapped around it.. I am not good at GE but I believe that is what someone used to bandaid a collision trigger around the truck.
  • Thunderhawk09
    2015-04-30 17:39 Send message
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    after days of looking for the width issue and find collision trigger had no effect on issue I have finally found the problem and released the V2 Version Which should be on here sometime today
  • Ty352fg
    2015-04-30 18:45 Send message
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    This is by far one of the better "Semi" trucks on the mod scene. Looking forward to V2. Thanks guys. This and the Peterbuilt, they just feel like heavy trucks when you drive them in game. When everything gets sorted I'd like to see a 5th wheel plate edition w/ color choice.Ty
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