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8m Seeder LS15 withoutWSB PACK v1.0
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8m Seeder LS15 withoutWSB PACK v1.0

Here the TSL 8m Seeder LS15 withoutWSB PACK ... without precedent
Since my "standard dirt" times do not like now, there is a "clean" and a "Dauerdirt" version.
Who does not want to, just do not load and save "around bleating"!
1x !!! ... unpacking ... !!!
Content: version clean (clean) version & dirt (Dauerdirt!)
"We had nothing but ..."
TSL 8m Seeder is a self-made seeder is probably still in the "Osttechnik" to settle.
No progress or something. The there was never so well.
* Working width: 8m
* Fruits: wheat barley rape seeds grass potato sugarbeet maize
* Capa: 7000
* ParticleSystem
* Sow
* Co-steering rear wheels

Log: clean
Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife


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