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Ford F-350 Flatbed V1.0
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Ford F-350 Flatbed V1.0

Here is the Ford F-350 that was converted over and I edited. Enjoy

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  • Named
    2015-05-03 21:32
    Nice truck, thanks!
  • Terrance
    2015-05-03 21:35
    funny since that came from a pack of 10 f-350's that were made for FS2015?
  • Ben32
    2015-05-03 21:55
    I thought they were converted, oh well this is my edit of one of them:D
  • Guest
    2015-05-04 05:20
    nice looking truck, but yet again another one for the trash heap, looks like people would have more pride in what they put out here, would love to see at least one with no error's, warnings or compatibility issues!!
  • Ben32
    2015-05-04 14:22
    Ill work on it.
  • Ben32
    2015-05-16 05:23
    V.2 Coming Soon!!!!
  • Plz
    2015-08-17 01:04
    Could you get rid of the tool box in the back or at least the hitbox of the tool box because i am not able to use some trailers i would like to use with it. other than that, GREAT mod!!
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