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Cotton builder v1
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Cotton builder v1

to pack cotton once picked


it all works 100%
no erros
100% best working builder in fs15

  • Rob


    2017-01-08 18:04
    Finally! This I have been wanting to see for a long time now. Even in FS2013. So this actually makes the cotton modules? Will have to give this a try. Thanks for making this.
  • Rob


    2017-01-08 18:28
    Well tried it out and it don't build modules. It is more or less a trailer not a cotton compactor. However the model is very nice. Hope in the near future to see a functional process to make cotton modules on an FS game. It would be awesome.
  • Kevin enfinger
    2017-01-09 07:16
    LOL!!!!! Andrew Smith took my module builder model and overlayed it on the Mac End Dump Trailer!!!!! LOL!!!!! What an idiot and you must not have watched the video on how the real one worked lol
  • William
    2017-01-09 13:20
    I'd be happy to find a cotton picker that you can unload. Every one I've tried picks just fine but can't unload into any trailer I get for it.
  • Rob


    2017-01-09 18:51
    Not an idiot like you think, if you were referring to me. Haven't seen this mod before so didn't know who built it. I've seen how a real cotton modular works. I live in cotton farming area. And yes I did notice that the xml file was for the Mac End Dump Trailer. Was just bummed that it was a fake. It's sad that people would do stuff like this and get peoples hopes up. Kevin Enfinger, my apologies for your model being used like that. I like that model.
  • Andrew smith
    2017-01-09 19:19
    always posting it on facebook and placing FAKE MODUELS BEHIND IT FROM A PEPSIE MECHINE MAKING IT LOOK LIKE IT WORKS I DONT!!!! MINE DOES FULLY!!! MY FACEBOOK ILL SEND U PROOF WHAT KEVIN DOES!DM ME AND ADD ME IL SHOW Uhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012755893139
  • Rob


    2017-01-10 04:47
    So is there a real cotton modular builder mod for FS 15 out there that is fully functional?
  • Kevin enfinger
    2017-01-10 05:13
    Yes Rob there is. The module builder above is just a stolen model of it. Its not actually the module builder that creates the Modules, its the tip any were mod with cotton added to look like a module. you could dump it without the module builder and still create a module lol. So this model above is a non working model that Andrew Smith released just to try and piss me off but Idc because im not feeding into his shit.
  • Kevin
    2017-01-11 04:51
    Andrew im not feeding into your bullshit bud. I have a thing called life. If you continue to harrass me Im going to File charges against you. Im telling you. This is going on for 4 god damn months and If I have to take legal means to get you to stop I will. Not stop. Consider this your Final Warning and its public. Ill screenshot it for legal purposes. If you continue to harass me I will file charges from this point forward
  • Keith enfinger
    2017-08-16 22:51
    Kevin I see we have the same last name are you from the South drop me aline if so we maybe relatives
  • Brandon ragsdale
    2017-08-17 16:49
    how do i find the mod in the picture above so that i can download it for my game, how do i download the cotton seed mod and where can i find it at?
  • Bobby
    2017-09-27 00:16
    wtf is this for 2017 if so i downloaded it the pos aint workin madface
  • Cotton modules in fs17
    2017-11-12 14:23
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k60QlI0tykIHere is a PROPER COTTON MODULE IN FS17
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