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Fire department v1.0
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Fire department v1.0

I umgeskinnt for you as a small introduction to modding for LS 15 my part of the original PiQup GIANTS and some blue lights created (the RKL are now in the game only attached to the vehicle, as all vehicles in the LS 15). The horn was replaced by a Klangfolgetonhorn. So given the Hupetaste must accordingly be held down.
So this mod is used rather than "Funmod", otherwise it has no special features. Take this vehicle so not as a serious competitor to other, future Feuerwehrmods. )
MfG J112J

Modell: GIANTS Software
Skin - Modell: J112J
Rundumkennleuchten (RKL): GIANTS Software
Skin - RKL: J112J

  • Brendo
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    how you can download this mod?afz brendo
  • Brendo
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    how you can download this mod thomas?afz brendo
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