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95 Dodge Cummins v1
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95 Dodge Cummins v1

This is a very high detail mod.I made it in a day and has very little errors and I am quite happy with it,Enjoy!

Skethcup model:Country Boy
base mod:Fsfarmer11
5th wheel:Reaper9111
Texturing:Blake McLain (me)

  • Guest
    2015-06-25 13:19
    you might want to take a lot longer look at it. way too many error's and can't take a curve without rolling over.
  • Blake
    2015-06-26 04:50
    It worked fine for me but i will try it.
  • Blake
    2015-06-26 04:57
    It tips on turns when you are going 50 mph if you are being realistic like most people you turn at 20 mph and there are very little errors and one more thing,you will never trash talk my mods again!
  • Guest
    2015-06-27 01:01
    wasn't trashing ur mod, was just pointing out that it had more than a few error's and one major flaw, but since u want to go there, any self respecting modder would not put trash like that out here for the public to see, to most of us that download mods to use we kind of expect there to b no error's at all, if there are we point them out. then most modders would thank you for the info and try to fix it, not fly off the handle like a 12 year old that didn't get his way!
  • Blake
    2015-06-29 04:02
    well then my point is people work on mods and over time they get better so expect more fixes,Im not european so i dont make the best mods.
  • Caleb
    2015-11-28 06:29
    can you make a flatbed tow truck mod or a wrecker
  • Xanders
    2016-01-19 17:25
    go to tow truck on mod hub
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