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VMT Tarn Liquid Manure Trailer v2
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VMT Tarn Liquid Manure Trailer v2

This Is My Second Revision Of This Mod Im not the creater of it I Have In Addition to to v1 added landing gear added Front Fenders and reInstalled pipes that was marked as not visible In GE It is also supose to Except milk & Water as well but I have not tried to I got this mod for manure when I found it.

Unknown but Thanks To All Who Had A Part In Building it
Thawk09 Fine Tuned axles added Fenders & Landing Gear

  • Thawk09
    2015-11-04 20:59 Send message
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    CREDITS: lsfarming-mods Found In Xml File Wanted to make sure And Give Credit where its due for the ones that built and put their time into this mod
  • Jamie
    2015-11-05 04:31 Send message
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    good mod i love it works great
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