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John Deere 9620RX V2 RJK
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John Deere 9620RX V2 RJK

John Deere 9620 RX V2 RJK

Here tou good

Price: 325000

Power: 800

Authors: R&k hearts jlb

R&k hearts jlb

  • The right
    2016-05-31 17:41
    This thing is a junk poor rx I have ever seen the maker should be banned from everything
  • The right
    2016-05-31 17:43
    Heres a joke and takes money from people rjk it's funny all the shit u said about jlb modding well looks like ur making love to him again
  • Name
    2016-05-31 21:36
    Kids its a game not real life grow up
  • Garbage tractor
    2016-06-01 00:30
    I cant even hook up to something without the tractor moving around it is really annoying someone should change that
  • Kevin
    2016-06-01 01:02
    LOL!!!! the tracks are down in the ground!!!! all this is is an overlay of the john deere 9r onto a tracked tractor with new decals. look close at the decals you can see were he chopped them. Hes not a modder hes an overlayer
  • Fat kev
    2016-06-01 01:07
    looks like afat keve cotton picker mod hahaha, burn it with fire
  • Insert name here
    2016-06-01 04:31
    JUNK. Everything this idiot does it JUNK. STOP! Just STOP MODDING! Nobody likes your half ass mods. Even Kevin had enough brains to get away from you.
  • Kevin
    2016-06-03 01:17
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