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Super baler v1.0
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Super baler v1.0

This is a baler that makes fast square bales.


  • Damian
    2016-12-21 19:10
    can someone convert this mod to fs17 please
  • To damian from sotiris9872
    2017-02-18 17:32
    Damian if you want me to convert this to fs 17 I can do it just tell me
  • Sotosmods
    2017-03-09 18:52
    Uploading one right now
  • Astrofarmer
    2018-10-08 22:46
    Bales flying out in a fan shape.I got 3 hundred square hay bales.I found the bales made have zero sellingvalue though, Farm sell bales point as hay ones!They get £0 selling price? I tried 24 as wrapped square balesgot £100 each instead of the£1000 they normally get at the farm bale sell point?I also tried to sell the wrapped silage bales at the BGA on the UK map( Cold Borough Park Farm Ultimate 1.1 ) They got about £
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