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AAA 64erFix v1.1
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AAA 64erFix v1.1

The time has come, the new version of 64erFix is now online!
The AAA_64erFix V 1.1 has the following functions.

1. Raising the limit for the fruit and Filltypes from 64 to 256
2. Raise the baletypes from 64 to 128

At this point I would like once again to express my sincere gratitude BIFACE serving as beta testers was a great help and has tested the new 64erFix for me on the Dedicated Server extensively, I stood with some Adicional information and tips to the side.

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  • Ozmods
    2016-02-18 13:02
    man that's just awesome, sounds like we are breaking the game six ways to sunday lol, good job indeed
  • Dax


    2016-02-20 17:59
    know what the password
  • Dax


    2016-02-20 18:00
    that I seek and do not appear
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