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ABSRamazoneUF1801 v0.9 beta
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ABSRamazoneUF1801 v0.9 beta

Here I have the amazoneUF1801 on a 5.4 m Absetzrahmengebaut. With a total of 20000 liter auxiliary fuel tank capacity.
24 meter working width.
Danger !!!!!!!!!!!!! Beta version
Fully functional. Washable. As with Miststreuer the helper works only on the truck. If the original script of Giants.
Have fun

Original by Giants
Wechselrahmen by Gnescher
Umbau by Gnescher

  • Guest
    2015-01-12 18:47 Send message
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    need a separate barrel zhydkih without fertilizer sprayer for uvelichenyaiya volume of displacement
  • Guest
    2015-01-12 18:48 Send message
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    need a separate barrel of liquid fertilizer without sprayer to increase engine capacity
  • Jeff
    2016-03-01 05:21 Send message
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    Hope you like your truck rocketing into the air and doing a death spiral.
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