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AC shelby Cobra 427 v1.1
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AC shelby Cobra 427 v1.1

this is the promised second version of this car.
I've managed to get the dash working, it's not flawless but it works. the needles are spinning in the right direction.
the steering wheel, uv problem and driver are still there, I don't know what to say about these problems. I've tried everything I can think of to fix the wheel but it just doesn't turn on the axis. I've taken everyone's advice but still it's the same result.
if anyone wants to take a look at this, and has either blender or 3dsmAx 2012+ then i'll package up my archive and send it to you, so you can take a look at it.
this is the AC Shelby Cobra, i've converted from NFS Shift Unleashed.
this car has really pushed my patience, so i hope you appreciate the effort i've put into this,
this car has a non standard driver, i've done away with the "normal farming driver" and imported a driver from anothe game that i used to mod for, however when you are behind the wheel in cockpit mode he stays there, i'm not sure what i've done wrong but i'm sure someone will discover where and what i've done wrong here.
the car has working headlights, working tail lights, (no reverse or indicators as yet, maybe in a future version).
the steering wheel turns, but i'm still struggling to get it to turn around the Axis, if someone could help me figure out why it's not turning on the axis please feel free to inbox, me.
this is a real nice car and if there is enough interest in this, i might release the next version up from this one, with livery options for it.
now for the important part. if you download my work, i EXPECT YOU TO READ THE README.TXT.
there is one small bug in the log file apart from that it's clean if there are any errors its because you modified my car.
Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] ac_cobra_tire_rr_loda'.
Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] ac_cobra_tire_lf_loda'.
Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] ac_cobra_kit00_interior_cpit'.
Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] ac_cobra_tire_rf_loda'.
Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] ac_cobra_wheel_lr_loda'.
i'm still yet to find a solution for this part
the guage needles are there, but when i try to animate them, instead of going around the tach, the needles dont adhere to the axis so if anyone has a suggestion to fix it, then i will be most greatful, if they would get in touch. for now they are disabled. (i'm still learning and i'm not above help so if you can help get in touch)
well thats about all,
like my car, leave me a comment, and please do share across the other websites.


  • John
    2016-01-30 13:52
    So the UV's out of range [-8,8] basically means that the image has been tiled more than 16 times top to bottom or side to side. -8 to 0 to 8 = 16 Fixing the UV out of range error means that you must isolate the part that is generating the error, export the part to a folder as an obj file, then load that part into a 3D modding program and remap that part using the original texture no more than 16 times over it.
  • Baba81
    2016-01-30 16:38
    tu pourait me les faire passez je suis un prod de modif de mod pour alex75.
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