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AddOn v2.0
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AddOn v2.0

AddOn Pack
For standard maps.

Bjonholm AddOn
Westbridge Hills AddOn
This addon extends the standard maps to a few useful elements.

What is included?
Feed stores
Milk sales
Mixing station
Beet Schnitzler at the cow pasture
Conveyor belt for hogged wood
Level indicators
Slurry manure sale

Why this addon and not Map?
If you have installed this addon (Zip in the modfolder) have to start no new Score.
Simply continue playing on the normal maps. The addon automatically places objects in the Standard Maps.

Optional Mods
For full function of slurry manure sale, trailers are needed that can unload. The milk transport also requires a separate trailer. Here are my recommendations:
Mist Trailer: Mist Trailer
Milk / Liquid manure spreader: Milk / Liquid manure spreader
By default, the milk is sold at midnight. In order to prevent these sales and the milk completely to drive yourself, I recommend the Mod "Stop Milk Sale".
Stop Sale Milk: Milk Stop Sale

Now have fun with the mod

Creative Commons License
AddOn Pack v2.0 of LKXstudios is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License .
About this License Permissions beyond the scope can under http://www.modhoster.de/community/user/lkxstudios receive. This license does not apply to the works used. Their property of their Urmoddern.


Marhu - Mischstation v3.0.1
Funky - Rübenschneider v1.0
El_Cid - Lageranzeigen v1.1
Mannie313 - Rohrbogen v1.0
zattoxx - Gülle Mist Verkauf v3.0
Strubi69 - Schilder
Marhu - Milchtrigger
mariodieck - Förderband für Hackschnitzel v1.1

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