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Advanced Fill Auto Aim Target Node v1.3.1
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Advanced Fill Auto Aim Target Node v1.3.1

I have written this script because it bothered me that the pipe leibt of the choppers still in one place b despite the new dynamic tilt of Giants.

With this script, the FillAutoAimTargetNode shifts depending on the level to a more "realistic" to produce filling.

Sorry, the script default values. There is also the potential customize each trailer.
Only you must enter the following line in the trailer and adjust xml:
<AdvancedFillAutoAimTargetNode Distance front = "2.5" Distance Back = "2.4" Distance Side = "0.8" Heightfix = "0.2" ShowNode = "false" />

To explain the values:
-DistanceFront Means as far to the front of the trailer is loaded.
-DistanceBack Means how much the trailer is loaded at the back.
-DistanceSide Means how far the left and right trailer is loaded.
-Heightfix Moves the node up or down. Only necessary if the trailer makes trouble loaded. (Board wall is in the way)
-ShowNode Shows in the game in which each trailer with a point on the node.

The starting point is the original position of the FillAutoAimTargetNode (usually the middle of the trailer)

The zip file copy into the Modsordner.

Version 1.3
- Cargo loading wagons by Beast Pack compatible
Various improvements made to the code -
Loaded Finer -
- New option "ShowNode" shall be inserted. (For modders)

Version 1.1
- Hopefully all the bugs away
- Worked on performance
Incorporated data from standard trailers -
- Added new attribute "Heightfix"
- Jacob Carpenter has become the main author.

Version 1.0
Brought -The mod to run

The mods shown in the pictures are private mods and stay private! Mails asking for the mods will be deleted.
Many thanks to Jacob Carpenter. His ideas are simply awesome!

mjk, Jacob Tischler

  • Farmerkjs
    2015-04-27 14:54
    Thanks so much for this mod!It had bothered me too that it just made a big pile in the middle
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