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AGCO Rotary Combines v1.0
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AGCO Rotary Combines v1.0

6 Combines:
Gleaner A85
Challenger 680b
Massey Ferguson 9895
9 headers:
6 Dynaflex 9250 draper head
3 8200 Conventiona head
Interactive Control
Interactive Buttons
Passenger seat
Interactive Backup Cam
Buyable Dual wheels
Animated interior
Animated Rotating parts
Indoor sounds
Indoor huds
Fruits: Wheat, Barley, Corn, Rape
Licencia Creative Commons
AGCO Rotary Combines por Julian Indurain se distribuye bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivar 4.0 Internacional.

Model, Texture and ingame: Julian11 Testers: Lindbejb Modding and Rafazr Scripts: AdditionalBackupCam: Manuel Leithner BuyableTwinWheels: Manuel Leithner Cabsuspension: JoXXer DelayedRotation: LsPrO/TheCoCe indoorSound15: ¿? InteractiveButtons: Manuel Leithner Joystick: NHT9SmartTrax objectAttacher: Geri-G Passenger: JoXXer universalToggleParts: Saty

  • Wtf?
    2016-05-12 00:52
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    Not sure why you'd want to take credit for this combine pack, it was poorly put together and I'd kind of be embarrassed to put my name to it . To each their own...
  • Fsasmc.com
    2016-05-12 16:07
    0 1
    hey WTF ... I didn't take credit for it .... cow_boy is butt hurt that all and changed his mods name and steal mods and upload to the site and using me a bad person!
  • @fsasmc
    2016-05-12 20:50
    0 0
    look its josh the guy that thinks beating his kids makes him look tough..
  • Jeremy
    2016-10-11 12:02
    0 0
    I can't put the twin wheels on the Gleaner. I tried maneuvering the combine into various positions near the twin wheel rack, but nothing works. I didn't bother trying with the other combines.
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