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Agro Farma 2015 CZ v3.0
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Agro Farma 2015 CZ v3.0

Big map Agro Farma in the Czech Republic
Beautiful countryside, there are hills and plains
Many different objects
23 fields of different sizes
Big farm
Pigsties, barn
Transportation garage, workshop
Washing cars
gas station
Garden center
Sugar factory
Mills, bakeries
The shops
Wood sawmill
Railway station
Traffic cars
Doroznye signs
Road asphalt and dirt
Culture: standard + sunflower, Řepné řízky
Animal: standard + calves, pigs
And other

csamassa, Milano

  • Kuhzucht
    2016-01-30 17:40 Send message
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    1 picture Hamma
  • Grzegorz
    2016-01-30 20:06 Send message
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    Anyone know if the sawmill was repaired I mean the inability to replenish the fuel tank.
  • Amanda
    2016-01-30 21:26 Send message
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    to fill up the fuel of the sawmill , use woodchip ,, i know is sound weird but it's work :)
  • Grzegorz
    2016-01-31 11:18 Send message
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    Amanda thanks for the information fooled me the fuel tank. Regards.
  • Ibins
    2016-01-31 16:36 Send message
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    Hello, nice Map, but don´t switch the lights on, your Frames will drop down to 10 FPS :)).I don´t count the ligts on the big Farm, but i think 70 - 100 lamps? But the Map is very nice, thumbs up!
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