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Agro Farma v3.0
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Agro Farma v3.0

– Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, calves, chickens for fattening
– Crops: wheat, barley, corn, canola, grass, potatoes, sugar beets, sunflowers
– Fertilizer: NPK, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, Compost
– Sales of farm straw, wood chips heating plant on biomass
– Production of individual seeds on the farm
– Wash the potatoes and kettle for boiling potatoes to pigs
– Mod to produce compost
– Mixing station to produce a mixture for pigs and chickens on the farm
– BGA, biomass heating plant, gardening, cargo yard, saw DZ races
– Map contains: 23 fields, 4 meadows, forests to logging
– On the map you will find buyouts: ZETA Agro, Agrispol, Oseva, ZNZ, ČD Cargo, Abattoir, Dairy
– ChoppedStraw – broken straw remains in the field
– Flying dandelions, balloon
– Downloaded map is needed to unpack and put everything in mod !!!
– A wonderfully sophisticated map and everything is in English.
– The file with the map is a bit bigger, but it pays to download map !!!
– Evaluation of Admin (ls-2015.eu): 96.5%
– Lots of details and much more …


  • Boys'n
    2016-01-02 17:23
    Bjr à tous. Je n'arrive pas à faire fonctionner cette map. Chargement infini. J'ai attendu deux fois 30 mins et rien ne ce passe, si quelqu'un a une explication, je suis preneur. Merci
  • Roby
    2016-01-02 19:14
    Boysì'n, vous avez un conflit de certains mod, essayez de supprimer tous les mods inutile.
  • Grzegorz
    2016-01-02 20:20
    Boys'n have a problem with a modem or another map you have to remove in order through work, for me it pomaga.Wie someone to refuel at a sawmill because the building is another map where it could not be filled with fuel by not tried and copies ferelne buildings.
  • Boys'n
    2016-01-02 22:11
    Merci roby. Le soucis venait bien d'un mod.
  • Sweet250
    2016-01-04 12:42
    After several attempts to download this map, I have decided i's a waste of time, because the download speed is too slow.
  • Boys'n
    2016-01-07 22:56
    Tout en anglais. Non tout est en tchèque. Est-il possible de traduire sans ce prendre trop la tête ?
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