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Agroholm v1.1
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Agroholm v1.1

W mapie poprawiono oraz dodano:
- nowe wiaty na gospodarstwie
- przesunięto miejsce skupu slomy
- dodano wood working przy lesie
- wiata przy domie nie nachodzi na szklarnie
- zwiększono teren przy sklepie
- dodano seed master 2k16, beet chopper, beet master

Życzę miłej gry:)


  • Ritch
    2016-01-31 02:49
    hey everytime i save and exit the game then come back my tractors and everthing are not their. please help me
  • Pjotrek4k
    2016-01-31 13:37
    If after saving and reloading the game disappear me all the fashion this means that you can have a converted mod with Farming Simulator 2011 or 2013, so check the file: the computer / Documents / My Games / FarmingSimulator2015 / log and find the mod with an error will marked: error: ... then you delete it from the file mods and you should act. If the problem persists, or do not know how to do this, please write me at this comment. with the desire to help. Regards.
  • Sweet250
    2016-01-31 14:53
    This map look like that of some one else that I have played, but with some changes to it. That being said, you should go back into the editing and lower the buildings just a bit, or create a lip to them so you can get in and out of them with-out trying to climb into the garage and such.
  • Pjotrek4k
    2016-01-31 15:17
    The map is still under modify and correct errors. soon should appear in version 1.2 of the errors will be corrected. Regards.
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