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Ahwi FM700 v1.0
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Ahwi FM700 v1.0

Here's a forestry mulchers Ahwi the brand, thanks to its excellent impact significantly better forest areas fit than the original toy.
The forestry cutter does what is expected of him, and this requires a recommended capacity of min.260 HP.

Level of detail of the model was kept low because ...
... I had little visual material disposal (deviations from the original available!)
... Should be done the mod fast (Modding time: 11.01.15-30.01.15)
... I first my UV map myself down (not auto-mapping)
... I wanted to familiarize myself about this mod with the new texture system. (So ??simple dirt Map)

It is based mainly on original scripts, so the collision the flap incorrect easy unfortunately is possible (only Optical). Is controlled with mouse control. If it is hollow over stumps, it can happen (as in the originals too), that while he milled, the stump but does not disappear. then go as deep as possible so that it is easy on the stump.
That's as far from me, have fun with it!
As always, I welcome constructive criticism (and praise).

Modell, Textur, Ingame, Script: Patar
Originalteile von Giants Software wurden verwendet.

  • Moi


    2015-01-31 21:07
    bon début,je dirais même très bonne idée d'avoir fabriquer un "broyeur forestier" mais! je ne vois pas du tout son but,mis appart juste broyer les souches difficilement... en tout les cas, je veut vraiment encourager son créateur parce qu’il le mérite déjà, et j'espere qu'il continuera à amélioré les fonctionnalités sur ce broyeur
  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-12 18:12
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgG7fDo6bj8
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