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AJB landscaping map V2
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AJB landscaping map V2

THis map is a map AJB stole from another modder/editor and im posting it here

I dont know the true author of this map if anyone knows tell me and I will change it.

  • Bravo231
    2016-04-10 19:35
    truck comes with map
  • Fudoido
    2016-04-10 20:14
    some more map pictures would help to make us decide to test it ;)a better descritpion with what does the map have, what mods are needed and other things would be nice also.one picture only and no description will make people just ignore it and not try it, and if its a good map it will be a shame it doesnt have the propper attention.also, expliciting that its a "stolen" work is not a good way to advertize your shares, at least credit the correct authors in the description.
  • Bravo231
    2016-04-10 20:27
    no mods are needed except animation map trigger and in the credits i said that i did not know the correct authors and the map is an edit of westbridge hills
  • Bravo231
    2016-04-10 20:29
    The map is the same as westbridge but has new houses and a shop in the town
  • Bravo231
    2016-04-10 20:33
    and yes I know that having "stolen" content is bad but i did not steal it the guy who gave it to me stole it from a person named Landscaper
  • Bravo231
    2016-04-10 20:34
    how do I edit the mod
  • Brock lesnar
    2016-04-10 22:44
    dose it include soilmod? chop straw ?beef? pig?if your going to steal something at least give a full description of what map includes!!!
  • Bravo231
    2016-04-10 23:18
    no it doesnt have any of those. It is the basic westbridg hills with new buildings and nothing else added. and I DID NOT STEAL IT!!! it was given to me by the person who stole it and added stuff
  • Better call saul
    2016-04-11 01:21
    " I didn't steal it, it was given to me by the person who stole it". So, its a well distributed stolen map.
  • Jim


    2016-04-11 14:42
    LMAO. How in the hell is this a stolen map??? This is a Westbridge hills from Giants!!! You kids need to find something better to do with your wanna be ''A FARMER life''. Get an education instead of filling your brain with shit.
  • Bravo231
    2016-04-16 02:19
    Jim it was a stolen edit from landscaper by AJB Landscaper edited it and AJB stole it and edited it more
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