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Alexs Bjronholm v1.0
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Alexs Bjronholm v1.0

I've even set ran and rebuild the Bjornholm something according to my wishes. What bothers me et always so little sheltering has opportunities for its expensive machines.
This is my first conversion of a map that I'm doing so please be publicly bear with me if still errors. I like to get new suggestions for further modifications to and if I can have this i will also like ändern.Falls still finds errors please give me the stuff you via PM modest. I have so far on the map about 10 - played 15 hours I noticed nothing.
MP was not getestest !!!! The mod may not be modified or uploaded somewhere else without my permission

What has changed:
1x orignialer offerner shelter
1x machine hall with Woodchip storage of Max311
1x machine hall without Woodchip storage of Max311
3x Mean Machine Hall of VertexDezign
1x Getreidelager of VertexDezign
1x machine hall with 3 goals and 4 open spaces of Dutch Agricultural Modelling
2X machine hall Closed from Dutch Agricultural Modelling
In addition to the farm is a great place was created for example. sawmill, carpentry, ball bearings, straw heating plant and more, And t

2x Mean Machine Hall of VertexDezign
1x small machine shop of VertexDezign
Added 1x Original Silo
Installed 1x Holzsilo of OTT

Smaller Deko deleted for more parking, terrain left behind the halls was adapted slightly for greenhouses

1x small machine shop of VertexDezign

on some meadows the trees have been removed and the surface slightly adjusted so that the crown BigM right times can be used
Original grain storage has been changed
Chicken coop was slightly enlarged
Before the house a path has been created
in some fields trees were removed can thus turn the large machines better

Some small things are for example known to me. the no images are drinne, the name does not fit the'd all still be changed if the map should be well received.


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